Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

Wardrobe Architect week 11 (belated again!): Planning the pieces

So, for the last 2-3 weeks I have thought about that topic. What do I have, what to I need, what is REALISTIC that I manage to sew in the next time?
I think the last point is the most important. I love planning but I´m neither a fast sewer nor a uber-skilled one.


1) A-line skirt with tights, Shirt and cardigan/pullover
2) Jeans/trousers (straight to slightly flaired) with pullover/jacket
3) Shorts with tights, shirt and pullover
4) Dress with tights and longarmshirt plus cardigan/pullover

1. Shop your closet

Okay, hands down: I have a huge amount of Tshirts and longsleeves but very few clothes for my lower body. 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of leggings 2 skirts. None of them me- made :(

2. Find the holes

As stated above.... lower body clothes! And some me-made warm pullovers/cardigans. I freeze very easily and want some me mades here too :)

3. Shop for inspiration

I windowshopped pinterest board, sewing blogs and my fabric stash :)

4. Make a list

1 x trousers  ->Sewaholic Thurlow pattern, dark blue jeans fabric
1 x Shorts    -> Sewaholic Thurlow pattern, grey curtain fabric or dyed jeans
1 x Skirt      -> teal coloured "Amy" pattern by farbenmix
1 x dress      -> green velvet Vogue dress
2 x Pullover/cardigans/Blazer-tingies ? Okay... NO IDEA WHAT TO SEW HERE!
One option would be a "Lucille" sweater and a renfrew mod cardigan. Then I have to buy fabric....

Of course I won´t punish myself if I sew some tshirts to test some pattern, but this doesn´t belong to the wardrobe architecture!

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