Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

Week 1 Round up

So, what did I get done?
Barely anything, I've been pretty lazy sewingwise.

I have the trial version of the Sorbetto pattern done... this is nowhere near wearable and I don't think I'll sew it again.
Same issue as with Farbenmix Amelia: bulks of fabric in the armpit, that are way to much. I don't care drafting a dart there, because I'm not an advanced seamstress.

Of the 3 Renfrew I intended to sew I just finished one.
Due to starting just yesterday with copying pattern and cutting out...
Lazy girl!

I'll edit some pictures later, right now, my PC don't recognize my mobile.
Yep, just crappy phone picture here, sorry :(

So, next week I have to sew the 2 remaining renfrews and wanted to do some skirts. I think I'll need 2 weeks for this.

Week 2: 2 Renfrews and 2 Amy skirts
Week 3: Catch-up sewing, one Banana-skirt and one UFO (unfinished object) aka Valeska skirt.

Sonntag, 4. Mai 2014

Use what you have!

These are the projects I planed to make.... *sigh*

If we look closely there is a nearly finished muslin of the pattern "Valeska" by Farbenmix. It misses the elastic waist and the hem. The other projects are pattern/fabric combinations where I didn´t started at all and some pattern I'd like to try soon. Ottobre pattern magazine blouse and blazer as well as a simplicity blazer.
Other than that we have ( top to bottom, left to right):
- "Lucille" with a really warm knit fabric, a fake fur for a "Renfrey" hack cardigan, jeans for "Thurlow." and an old skirt as a (hopefully wearable) muslin of the "Amy" pattern
-a tone-in-tone fabric for a sleeveless blouse, an Onion Banana skirt with a cut-out fabric, "Sorbetto" muslin of the rest of a curtain, brown with dots fabric for a "Vogue" dress and the main fabric (teal/turquise condory) for "Amy"
-said "Valeska" that is to bring to an end, muslin and mainfabric for "Vogue 8607(?)" and three jerseys for "Renfreys".
I can´t participate in Me-Made May, but I want to use May to make a Me-Made-Wardrobe.

Black is not the most flattering color for me, but I have those fabrics and will use them now.

I´ll  try tomake a type of garment each week:
1.) Tops = Renfreys
2.) Skirts= finish "Valeska", "Amys" and "Onion" skirt
3.)Cardis= Renfrey hack and Lucille
4.) pants= muslin and real "Thurlow." I want to make a shorts version as a muslin.
Then there are the pattern, that´s need more time
5.) Vogue dress - muslin, fitting and real thing
6.)"Vogue 8607(?)" - muslin, fitting and real thing

This is a large scale project.
Hereby I pledge, not to buy new patterns or fabrics till I have finished the above projects!

So, I´m off... copying pattern -.-

Samstag, 3. Mai 2014

The Wardrobe Architect Week 12: Adding accessories


  1. Make a list of requirements for your accessories. List what you consider to be functional accessories and decorative accessories, and what your requirements are for each.
  2. Decide how many of each to include for the coming season. How many of each do you need for your current capsule wardrobe?
  3. Add accessories to your capsule wardrobe. Be sure to look towards what you already own before window shopping!

Functional accessories

  • Shoes: Comfortable, able to withstand some mud and dampness. Mostly flats, hopefully boots too. Got sone chucks and flat sandals. Enough for this season
  • Glasses:
  • Bags: Backpacks! Best for my back. Some small purses for going out. Got them.
  • Hats: Will it suit me? I like the idea of hats....
  • Belts: Some for wearing with pants, some for wearing at the natural waist with dresses. Need a new (brown) belt for trousers
  • Scarves (for warmth): Very big, very warm Got enough
  • Gloves: For Winter, they should preferably be knit  and be long enough to cover my wrists. Spring/summer so no gloves needed
  • Sunglasses: Not sure about those. Got one but I nned glasses so I need some with sight.
  • Legwear: Warm fleece-lined tights in Fall/Winter. Nylons and Leggings too.I have 2 Leggings, 3 nylons

Decorative accessories

  • Jewelry: Earrings and necklances
  • Scarves: Silky/flowy scarves in pretty colors for tying up my hair in the summer or wearing around my neck in the Fall/Winter.

Freitag, 2. Mai 2014

Personal Croquis

After my recent purchaise of the Colette Sewing book, I followed a tutorial from the oh so helpful internet.

Front and back.... I guess my pictures were a little too hight... That´s why my legs look so short.
But all in all a fairly mercyless view of myself. I´m a 44 in the upper  and a 46 in the lower body.
From the back I can see the x-shape better than from the front.

I´m medium to high contrast and have warm coloring. my color typ could be autumn.
And I love all those colors of the autumn palette!

So, next time I need planning sheets like we got them for free from the wardrobe architect challenge I can use my own croquis.