Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

Week 1 Round up

So, what did I get done?
Barely anything, I've been pretty lazy sewingwise.

I have the trial version of the Sorbetto pattern done... this is nowhere near wearable and I don't think I'll sew it again.
Same issue as with Farbenmix Amelia: bulks of fabric in the armpit, that are way to much. I don't care drafting a dart there, because I'm not an advanced seamstress.

Of the 3 Renfrew I intended to sew I just finished one.
Due to starting just yesterday with copying pattern and cutting out...
Lazy girl!

I'll edit some pictures later, right now, my PC don't recognize my mobile.
Yep, just crappy phone picture here, sorry :(

So, next week I have to sew the 2 remaining renfrews and wanted to do some skirts. I think I'll need 2 weeks for this.

Week 2: 2 Renfrews and 2 Amy skirts
Week 3: Catch-up sewing, one Banana-skirt and one UFO (unfinished object) aka Valeska skirt.

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