Sonntag, 30. März 2014

Wardrobe Architect: Week 8 Hair and Makeup

I´ve been on delay with this series....

In week 8 we talk about beauty, hair make-up etc.

There are some questions to help:

  1. What hair style has been most flattering and comfortable for you? How did it make you feel about yourself? Did it invoke any of the words you came up with in our core style exercise?
  2. How much makeup are you comfortable with? It could be no makeup, or a full face with contouring (and all that jazz I could never figure out). Or it could vary day to day.
  3. How does your makeup and hair reflect your personal style? What do you feel they say about you and your aesthetics?
  4. How much product do you want to own? Do you like collecting products, or would you rather just have a few essentials? How much bathroom clutter are you ok with?
  5. What requirements do you have for the products you buy? Do you stick with all natural products? Are there ingredients you avoid?
  6. What colors feel best near your face? How do they relate to the color palette you created?
  7. What colors never look right near your face? What colors have you tried and given up on before?
  8. How much time do you realistically want to spend getting ready in the morning?
  9. What types of scents do you gravitate towards? Do you wear perfume? Other scented products? What do you feel the scents you like communicate about your personality?

I like my hair fairly long. Although I recently cut quite a bit off it´s still below shoulders. This way it´s easier than my before waistlong hair. I also have bangs which balance my face really nicely.

I don´t really wear a lot of make-up. Most of the time it´s just lip balm and maybe mascara. If I feel fancy I use a bit of lip gloss or my only lipstick sometimes I use nude eyeshadow.

This styling is easy, down to earth and I can spend my time for more appealing things.... sleeping longer and a nice cup of tea in the morning for example.

I don´t own much make-up. Some essentials are enought! Same goes with cleaning products.

I avoid animal testing and try to buy natural make-up and vegan stuff. Don´t like all the strange stuff to go on my skin!

I like green, brown and a little black near my face. Never much black eyeliner... makes my eyes tiny and me looking tired.

Reallistically I don´t spend more than ten minutes with getting ready for breakfast.  I want to incorporate to moisturise my face in the morning. I allways forget it!

Scents are a troublesome topic here. My boyfriend and I are really sensitive to scents, he more than I am. Often, my citrus scented deodorant is too much for him so scent when he´s in bathroom after me.
And let´s not talk about scented candles :(
But I like a little drop of perfume from time to time. Try to use it, when he´s out or we are at open air.

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