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Wardrobe Architect week 4 – Proportions and Silhouettes

The Wardrobe Architect

This week in Wardrobe Architect we have been asked to think about how the shapes we picked in week 3 can help us build up silhouettes that work for our style and shape.

I tried Polyvore, but It´s not so nice.... proportions don't seem quite right. So I added some pics from my Pinterest board.

 Silhouette 1
Skirt + blouse siluette Winter

Full skirt, with tights, boots, blouse and Cardigan (Picture: The Hollywood Sew)
Silhouette 2

Winter Wardrobe architect

This I actually wore today with clothes from my wardrobe: Shirt with Blazer, jeans and boots.
Can opt the tee for a longsleeve or the Blazer for a cardigan.

Silhouette 1

Buttoned Skirt 3 ways
Buttoned up skirt, either with Blouse (long or short sleeved)
or with tanktop and button down shirt (picture: yesIlikethat)

Silhouette 2

A-Line Skirt

A-line skirt, with tanktop, Cardigan and "Chucks" quite casual, depending on Skirt!

Silhouette 3
Summer Wardrobe architect
A-line or full dress with skinny belt and flats. I can`t walk in heels, especially since the sideways at the University aren't in best condition. Feel the belt is nessisary for the fitted waistline. When cold, add cardigan. (picture: dollyclackett)

The pictures of the ladies are their rightfull ownage. I use them as inspiration and do not get money from it. All right to the mentioned owners.

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