Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

Wardrobe Architect week 7: Prints and Solids

The Wardrobe Architect


  • Examine your favorite clothing. Pick out the 10-20 most worn items in your wardrobe. What percentage of them are printed?
  • Pick your prints. Write down your most beloved styles of prints. Be sure to look through your closet and your fabric stash.
  • Update your moodboard. If you have a moodboard, try adding in examples of prints you favor.


What are your favorite types of prints? And are those the ones you find yourself buying?"


-My favorite  clothes are mainly tops. Mostly solids with ca 20% prints.
-My favorite prints are horizontal stripes, dots and plaids but in subdued combinations. Grey and black stripes, dark green and black plaids.
- My moodboard is updated here:

I find myself mostly buying solids. My favorite print by far are dots! And I love buying them.

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